A certified translation is the translation of an official document which must be translated by a qualified third party. It is a requirement for certain legal proceedings and immigration matters. In Malaysia, a certified translation includes the translated document attached with a signed written statement created by the translator or the translation agency. The written statement is also known as the Certificate of Accuracy which includes:

  • A statement signifying that the translation is a complete and accurate rendering of the original document.
  • A statement of the translator’s qualifications.
  • The date of the translation.
  • The full name, signature and contact details of the translator or the translation company.


If you are looking for a certified translation of official documents as part of your application for a student visa, employment pass, marriage, divorce or university degree overseas? You have found the right agency. Glocalis provides a full-range certified translation service from certified translation, notarization, sworn to endorsement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). We have over 1,000 certified translators who are able to translate over 130 languages and certify your documents. Moreover, our team also can assist you with the full procedure via email at a reasonable price if you are based in another part of Malaysia or overseas.

Glocalis’s certified translation services are recognized by a wide range of official bodies such as MOFA, MOCAT, MIDA, JPJ, MoF, Malaysian Embassies oversea, Foreign Embassies accredited in Malaysia, and universities or institutes abroad.

The whole certified translation process would usually require three working days for short files but for larger files, it may entail longer time to be completed. However, if you are based in another part of Klang or abroad, we can send your certified translation to you everywhere in the world by courier with the additional shipping fee. Apart from that, we also offer the express service if you need documents urgently, at a higher cost than the normal original quotation. At Globalis, your certified translated documents guarantee to be accurate and safe in our hands


The list below are the common documents which require official certified translation. We also can offer certified translation for other categories of document based on your need. Please feel free to contact us.

  •  Birth Certificates
  •  Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Adoption Papers
  • Court Transcripts
  • Diploma/Graduation Certificates
  •  Passport/Visa
  •  Business Registration
  •  EPF Statements/Bank Statements
  • Annual Practicing Certificates


The certified translation procedure can be broken down into several separate steps


Scan and upload your document via our website…or email…


Get the free quotation with no hidden charge and the estimated turnaround time.


Make payment to engage our company for the certified translation services.


Review the translation before certifying


Receive the certified translation document

The Best Price Guaranteed

Speak With An Expert

Order online and we send your Certified document to anywhere across the globe.

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