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Thanks to the evolution of the internet, many different types of media content are not restricted to a particular location or consumers. The audiences from different culture and linguistic areas tend to show more marked preference for those video content which have subtitled in their local language. Thus, adding multilingual subtitles to your video is a brilliant, effective way to improve your SEO as well as achieves higher engagement with a wider international audience who would not otherwise be able to enjoy your video, or film whether due to the language barriers or hearing difficulty. As compared with dubbing the full video by using voice talents in various languages, subtitles are more cost-effective alternative to make them more accessible to various language speakers. If you are looking for the high standard subtitle service handling the complete process from start to finish and helping you connect with your global audience in diverse regions and a different language base with confidence. Glocalis is just the right company for you.




Our company offers an array of subtitling options including and hard-coded subtitles according to your needs. Also we can send subtitles to you in various forms, including SSA or SRT upon your specific requirements.

We have been involved in many types of transcript projects which enable us to build an extensive network of knowledgeable and experienced subtitle translators to provide professional Subtitling Localisation Services for over 130 language pairs. Each of our translators is an expert in the art of subtitle translation and more importantly they live in the country of your target audience. This also means that they can creatively adapt and capture the substance and style of the original content while ensuring the cultural nuance, humor and up-to-date terminology can be used as well.  Moreover, since we always make sure the selection of your project translator is based on their language skills, expertise and subject-matter knowledge, you would undoubtedly receive the finest result with surplus value rather than simply the content literally.

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