Provide the perfect voice for your project

Glocalis is a voice over agency, providing a complete the translation and recording of voiceover service in over 135 foreign languages. We have a large pool of professional voice over talent of every sound and style standing by for your small or big- scale project. We always ensure to allocate the right voice artist for you upon reviewing language proficiency, tone, experience, age and client’s preference.

Types of Voice-over

Glocalis supports the following types of voice-over

Glocalis’s process steps to deliver high quality Voice-over projects

  • Step 1: Analysis

    We get to know your company, industries, product, target audience, language, specific requirement, format, file-type for the final file and any particular preference for the Voice-over artist which we will base on to develop the quotation and turnaround-time for you.

  • Step 2: Selecting document ​

    Our team receive your recording script and we'll contact you if we have any questions.

  • Step 3: Artist screening

    No matter what the style, age, or gender, you can find the perfect voice for your project among our contracted rosters based on your preferences and budget. We send the Voice-over artists profile and their previous Voice-over samples to you for screening.

  • Step 4: Execution​

    Our voice actors put the greatest effort into every project. We record, edit, mix, produce the tracks with mind-blowing sound and QA the audio into your preferred file format

  • Step 5: Verification and Validation:​

    After receiving the Voice-over file, our project manager verifies and validates the file and checks if all of your requirements are met.

  • Step 6: Delivery the perfection.​

    After passing the strict quality control, our project manager delivers the file to you. Your file is ensured to be confidential with us.

  • Step 7: Feedback​

    We get the feedback from you to improve the better customer service in future projects.

Why choose us ?

135 Languages

We are specialized in 135 languages so we can help you share your story with the audience anywhere in the world.

Only Professional Voice Actors

Your project is ensured to be completed by only experience and professional voice-over talents.

Ensure the best quality

Our team put equal effort in every order to ensure the best quality final outcome at your satisfaction

The Best Price Guaranteed

Speak With An Expert

Order online and we send your Certified document to anywhere across the globe.

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