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With a continuously globalizing market, website localization is an essential step for the long-term growth of any kind of business and it is more than just simply converting content from one language to another. Website localization is the process of modification an existing website to a new language and culture preferences in the target local market while still retaining a unique global brand image. Based on the research that nine out of 10 online buyers would ignore your product if it’s not in their native language. Therefore, if you want to expand into global markets and increase global sales, you need to localise your website in order to convert the local casual visitors who speak other languages into new purchasing customers.

Translation and localization always go hand-in-hand but there is a difference between them

Website translation

Simply translating the website’s content  into a different language

Website localization

Encompass everything from translation, overall design and formatting, editing pay layout, SEO, colours to images replacement and more to fit the local cultural norms of the target market.

We help you expand into global market

At Glocalis, we provide localization along with translation services for any type of website to help your business expand to a new market, build online presence, increase traffic and conversions. We believe, your website is the online identity as well as the backbone of your business so we ensure that your website localization will be handled by our certified linguists who is specialized in the field according to your industry. Moreover, they are also native speaker and live in your target country. This also means they have a unique sensitivity to the local cultural context and can perfectly adjust to fit the culture need in each market. Glocalis can provide website localization services into all major world languages. Whether you are planning to enter global market, our expert team are here to help, every step of the way.


Translating the entire website content into the target language which is relevant and culturally appropriate.


Replace images, videos or colour to suitable with the local cultural context


Optimize the SEO positioning of web pages to help you to get found in the new market.

App Localization Services

What is app localization?

App localization is the process of translating and changing the interface and functionality of the app to make it appealing and easy to use in different foreign language markets.  It means that the content is not only translated accurately but also the style meets the locale cultural expectations of the target audience as well as legal requirements. App Localization is a powerful tool for firms who want to expand and sell their apps to millions of potential new customers in other geographical regions.

Why Do You Need App Localization?

In the past a few years, the global app market has been increasing significantly and there is no sign of slowing down. The research in 2017 indicated that there were millions of people around the world downloading mobile apps every day and 80% of them is non-English speakers who prefer to download and use apps in their own native language.

If you want to get your company apps to reach more than one foreign market and ready to be downloaded by anyone located anywhere in the world, localization is very essential as it enable the content and functionality of your apps available to the international audience that you intend to target. Localizing your app allows you to increase market share, and capture tremendous opportunities for growth which you could have never achieved just in one country’s market.

Glocalis’s app localization services

Glocalis has a network of thousands of localization professionals, native linguists, excelling app developers, editors and proofreaders who have highly skills and coding expertise to localize your app in 135 languages across multiple platforms. Our team will develop the perfect multilingual app that your target users will feel it created natively for them while maintaining the original functionality of the application.

Every project is special to us so we carefully tailor each project plan in each target market in order to satisfy your exact requirements and expectations. We also uphold the strict quality standards at all times and ensure to complete on time and under the budget. 

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