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Banking and Finance Solutions

Multilingual banking and finance content can be challenging because of specific regulations, industry terminology, and confidentiality concerns. Glocalis is a trusted partner to deliver Multilingual Banking and Finance Solutions that include translation, interpretation, transcription and other language services with knowledge, accuracy, and speed …

Health Care

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences

We have worked with different pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare organisations over the past years. Our extensive experiences in this competitive industry allow us to provide quality and professional multilingual translation solutions, with short turnaround times and high levels of accuracy. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry  …

Manufacture & Technology

Industrial, Manufacturing & Technology

Industrial, manufacturing and technology translation is often requiring complex concepts and specialised vocabulary and terminology. Therefore, it is important to work with a trusted language service provider if you are looking for clear and accurate translations. Glocalis offers an extensive solution to support our clients, such as product development, product …


Legal & Intellectual Property

Legal translation requires in-depth legal knowledge and a thorough understanding of languages. Our translators are subject matter experts with high level of familiarity with legal terminology and different documentation styles to cater for your translation needs. Legal translation requires in-depth legal knowledge and a thorough understanding of …

Media and Publishing

Media & Publishing

Glocalis has long track record working with media production houses and publishers. We offer researched localization of marketing content, subtitling of digital media/videos, not to mention literature translation, typesetting and formatting for products such as books, brochures, annual …

Information Technogies

Information Technology / Software

Information technology (IT) is a highly specialized field in which new trends, concepts and terminology are constantly emerging. As a result, translation providers must stay abreast of the latest developments and terminology if they are to keep pace with this rapidly evolving discipline. Our translators are linguistically competent in the …

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