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Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance Solutions

Multilingual banking and finance content can be challenging because of specific regulations, industry terminology, and confidentiality concerns. Glocalis is a trusted partner to deliver Multilingual Banking and Finance Solutions that include translation, interpretation, transcription and other language services with knowledge, accuracy, and speed. In a highly integrated and globalised world, Banking and Financial translations have become essential for international commerce.

“Glocalis’ expert localisation services have been instrumental in helping us bridge cultural gaps and successfully expand our financial services into diverse global markets


Finance is an industry that thrives on accuracy and details, simply delivering the message is not enough. Glocalis excels in delivering tailored localisation services for the banking and finance industry, seamlessly adapting financial content and digital solutions to meet the specific linguistic, regulatory and cultural demands of global markets.

  • Financial Document Translation
  • Retail Banking Localisation
  • Financial Software/App Localisation
  • Website Localisation
  • Insurance Document and Investment Product Translation
  • E-learning and Training Translation
  • Marketing and Corporate Communications Translations
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