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With the continuing fast-growing global economy, the high-quality interpretation solutions play a critical role in global success of any international business by empowering them to confidently communicate with the target audience, clients and partners worldwide. Having accumulated 16-year valuable experience providing professional interpreting services for many important meetings and conferences, Glocalis has gained an outstanding reputation within the interpretation industries. Through our ISO certified, we always ensure that the original intent of your message is comprehended in the accurate and clear manner.

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Glocalis is the reliable interpreting solution agency providing certified, professional interpreters with technical and subject matter expertise for face to face business meetings and conferences in most of major languages such as Chinese, Mandarin, English, Tamil, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Russian, French, Japanese, Korean and more. Our skilled team of interpreters comprehend all the professional standards, respond swiftly, communicate effectively, putting you at ease knowing your message is conveyed precisely. At the same time, they also ensure you understand a certain language in your own language and thus enable you to make decisions easily and close your big deal.

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Language shouldn’t be a barrier to stop you from securing an overseas partnership or expand your connection worldwide. We can support you in various activities relating to international communication for corporations, individuals, associations, private and government offices.


Our customers comprise a wide range of individual, agencies and companies including:


Consecutive interpreting is the most commonly used service for a small group meeting and even, such as seminars, business meetings, interviews, medical consultation, press releases. The speaker speaks a few sentences and then waits for the interpreter to deliver the message into another language to the audience. This type of interpreting service is usually less costly then another type of translating service.


Simultaneous interpreting is the real-time interpretation of the conversation. It frequently applied for large formal global conferences and meetings where the linguist translates at the same time with what the speaker is talking about.

Simultaneous interpreting requires the interpreters to be able to respond quickly and effectively. Glocalis only assigns the linguist with at least 5 year-experienced interpreting skill to ensure the high quality professional experience


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